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My Job Does Not Require me to be Creative

“But my job does not require me to be creative. I am not sure why I need to attend this workshop”, was the statement we received recently from a participant of one of our Innovation and Productivity workshops. This was not the first time. Innovative work behaviour of their employees is on top of the […]

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Ground Rules for Creativity Sessions

If you wish to engage in a fruitful workshop that leads to innovative ideas, you may wish to clarify some basic ground rules for creativity sessions. These ground rules have been adopted from the Creative Problem Solving toolbox by the International Center for Studies in Creativity. And, they have been proven essential through many creativity sessions.

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Beyond HR Data Analytics – Competencies HR Professionals Should Possess

HR professionals with knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and HR Data Analytics can deliver better service to their customers – their leaders and colleagues. Identifying requirements and gaps, analysing, improving and innovating processes as well as ensuring the performance long-term are valuable business partners.

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Cultivating an Improvement and Innovation Mindset

Not continuous improvement nor innovation have to start with massive initiatives. To the contrary, it needs to be part of the DNA of an organisation if you want to ensure that your aforementioned initiative is successful and lasting.

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Everyday Innovation

Waiting for the next “great innovative product idea” may never get you one step closer to a  higher level of customer satisfaction, more revenue and consistent business growth. Instilling an innovative mind-set facilitated by some simple creativity tools that are supported by empowerment does. Innovate – every day.

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