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Beware the Hawthorne

“We have great news for you. Our project is delivering results already.” The team is all smiles when they give this update. The carefully prepared graphs unveil a remarkably shorter time for the whole process, from customer request to delivery of results. However, we had not changed a thing yet. How come?

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Nuts and Bolts of Solutioning

Each improvement project undergoes two general phases, As-Is and Should-Be. Analysing is about understanding the problem, identifying and confirming the root causes. Solutioning requires to turn the newly gained knowledge into impactful solutions that have a good chance to get implemented. Some hints for Solutioning:

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Nuts and Bolts of Project Selection

Project selection for improvement is taken rather seriously. Some companies have even developed highly sophisticated methods for to ensure project success. Even without having such kind of method at hand, it is necessary and possible to screen projects before embarking on them. Some common sense questions may help.

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Lean Six Sigma and Innovation

Over the last decade, companies and organisations in nearly every industry all over the world have introduced Lean Six Sigma to increase customer satisfaction and to deliver impressive results. An outstanding example is General Electric, the company who has made Six Sigma as popular as it is today. Another term that has drawn tremendous attention […]

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