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Manager as Coach

To be a good coach is hard work. Coaching requires a set of skills that need to be built. The journey as a coach is a long but rewarding one. How will we know when we have arrived? “With the best of leaders, When the work is done, The project is completed, the people all say, ‘We did it ourselves.’” Lao Tzu

Ground Rules for Creativity Sessions

If you wish to engage in a fruitful workshop that leads to innovative ideas, you may wish to clarify some basic ground rules for creativity sessions. These ground rules have been adopted from the Creative Problem Solving toolbox by the International Center for Studies in Creativity. And, they have been proven essential through many creativity sessions.

Working Capital Meets Lean Six Sigma

Combining Lean Six Sigma (LSS) with a thorough analysis of your Working Capital Situation can lead to a more objective selection of high impact projects. LSS may help to achieve reduction of Working Capital hidden in warehouses and processes through data-based root cause analysis. Working Capital meets Lean Six Sigma.

Beyond HR Data Analytics – Competencies HR Professionals Should Possess

HR professionals with knowledge of Lean Six Sigma tools and HR Data Analytics can deliver better service to their customers – their leaders and colleagues. Identifying requirements and gaps, analysing, improving and innovating processes as well as ensuring the performance long-term are valuable business partners.

Cultivating an Improvement and Innovation Mindset

Not continuous improvement nor innovation have to start with massive initiatives. To the contrary, it needs to be part of the DNA of an organisation if you want to ensure that your aforementioned initiative is successful and lasting.

Forecast to Fulfil – Inventory Management (Work In Progress)

Deliveries to the customer are often delayed due to lack of appropriate product mix. Meanwhile the factory floor looks like it could serve the same number of customers or more for the next two years without replenishing any inventory. Raw material fed into the production unit seems to be never enough. WIP goods are stacked […]

Don’t Automate, Obliterate!

Only a small percentage of improvement during our business simulation is due to IT support. Most of it is a result of understanding the process and optimising the flow using good old BPR tools.

Gemba? I was There

Leaders need to spend more time at the real touch points impacting customers and employees. Only then will they truly understand the real situation so that they can take effective actions to improve performance. And, being seen in Gemba only in crisis situations undermines its value and leaves a negative stain on it.

Recognising The Coach-able Moment

In a coaching or mentoring relationship, finding the right moment for performing the coaching is critical. Often, coaching attempts go wrong because the moment is just not right. But, how do you know whether it is a good time for coaching? Just ask yourself whether you have the right essentials for coaching someone.

Revisiting Management by Walking About (MBWA)

Management by Walking About (MBWA) is a powerful way of measuring the pulse of your organisation. For a leader, this is probably the only way of getting first-hand information about what is going on on the ground. You will be surprised what you learn about your organisation.