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Mr. Kaufmann has a Masters Degree in mechanical engineering. He wrote his Doctoral thesis on “Statistical Methods for Quality Assurance”. Mr. Kaufmann is certified by a leading German Quality organisation, TUV Rheinland, as a Quality Systems Auditor. He passed the Six Sigma Master Black Belt exam for process improvement at General Electric Capital. Through the American Society of Quality, Mr. Kaufmann has the certification of Quality Manager. Mr. Kaufmann has more than ten years of experience in implementing process and organisational improvements in a range of industries. He is a leading practitioner in the application of process management principles in service businesses: logistics, computer distribution, software development, advertising and financial services. He has also led projects in government agencies. From 1991 to 1996, Mr. Kaufmann worked as a management consultant for the TUV Rheinland Group coaching companies to improve their Quality Management Systems. He led the support for service companies. It involved designing service quality training which he and his team delivered internationally. As a Quality Leader for General Electric Capital, Mr. Kaufmann was responsible for helping achieve annual bottom-line results. As a member of the business leadership team, Mr. Kaufmann guided the development of a more customer and process oriented culture whilst improving and redesigning processes and enabling workforce to deliver results. From 2000 to 2003 Mr. Kaufmann has been leading the German and later on the Asian Operations of Aon Management Consulting, focusing on Lean Six Sigma and Change Management. He coached teams on a wide range of improvement projects for clients like Alstom, Aon, Armstrong, Bao Steel, Bosch, Bosch Siemens Home Appliances, Flextronics, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, Schneider Electric, Siemens, TCL, TRW as well as Government entities like Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Finance and International Enterprise Singapore in Singapore. Mr Kaufmann is founder and Managing Director of Centre for Organisational Effectiveness (COE), where he provides integrated customer, operations and people solutions to help organisations towards achieving high performance. He takes a pragmatic and holistic approach by combining process and organisational improvement. He is a frequent speaker and author on process and organisational change. He is a German national who speaks English and Russian.

Beware the Hawthorne

“We have great news for you. Our project is delivering results already.” The team is all smiles when they give this update. The carefully prepared graphs unveil a remarkably shorter time for the whole process, from customer request to delivery of results. However, we had not changed a thing yet. How come?

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Great, We Have Improved … or Not?

Many companies spend considerable amounts of money on customer surveys every year. Customer survey results are being used to amend strategies, design new products and services, focus improvement activities and … to celebrate success. Since the impact of customer service results can be quite hefty the data driving important decisions shall be trust-worthy. And, the […]

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Working Capital Meets Lean Six Sigma

Combining Lean Six Sigma (LSS) with a thorough analysis of your Working Capital Situation can lead to a more objective selection of high impact projects. LSS may help to achieve reduction of Working Capital hidden in warehouses and processes through data-based root cause analysis. Working Capital meets Lean Six Sigma.

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Banking – A Productivity Gold Mine

Have you ever considered how much unnecessary paper you receive from banks, you immediately feed into the bin? Rethinking the process from time to time does not seem very popular in banks. Just doing the same old thing over and over again is much easier. In banking lies the real productivity gold mine.

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Take Care of Your Talent – Or Someone Else Will

Recently, I had coffee with Edward, an old friend – or better: one of my mentors. He is approaching seventy and yet is in the pink of health. So I asked whether he plays golf 24/7. His response came a bit as a surprise. “My company still needs me – so I am re-employed. Full […]

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The Power of Your Career Vision

“Uwe, what is your career vision?” was Steve’s first question during my job interview many years ago. As a German I was not really prepared for this kind of question. In the German language the word for career is “Karriere”, which is reserved for someone with outstanding professional accomplishments like Franz Beckenbauer, Robert Bosch or […]

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Nuts and Bolts of Solutioning

Each improvement project undergoes two general phases, As-Is and Should-Be. Analysing is about understanding the problem, identifying and confirming the root causes. Solutioning requires to turn the newly gained knowledge into impactful solutions that have a good chance to get implemented. Some hints for Solutioning:

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Nuts and Bolts of Project Selection

Project selection for improvement is taken rather seriously. Some companies have even developed highly sophisticated methods for to ensure project success. Even without having such kind of method at hand, it is necessary and possible to screen projects before embarking on them. Some common sense questions may help.

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Everyday Innovation

Waiting for the next “great innovative product idea” may never get you one step closer to a  higher level of customer satisfaction, more revenue and consistent business growth. Instilling an innovative mind-set facilitated by some simple creativity tools that are supported by empowerment does. Innovate – every day.

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Lean Six Sigma and Innovation

Over the last decade, companies and organisations in nearly every industry all over the world have introduced Lean Six Sigma to increase customer satisfaction and to deliver impressive results. An outstanding example is General Electric, the company who has made Six Sigma as popular as it is today. Another term that has drawn tremendous attention […]

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