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No One Makes Mistakes on Purpose

“Bob is not doing his job. Always mistakes. What should I do with him?” “Mary has messed up our relationship with a key client. I had to step in to save the day.” Having done a multitude of projects in all kinds of private and public organisations, we have frequently encountered these and other remarks by […]

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Increasing Productivity by Living our Values

On a recent trip to Japan, I took a Shinkansen high- speed train from Kyoto to Tokyo. The train was scheduled to arrive at Tokyo Station at 9.03pm. Since I had made an appointment to meet a good friend after arrival, I asked the train conductor whether we would be on time. The conductor looked at me, […]

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Why Competency Framework? Isn’t SOP enough?

Competency Profiling Spending some days in Nanjing, the former capital of China, is enjoyable. People are nice, work is fun, food is outstanding and my hotel is awesome. Nowadays, the service in most hotels in China is world class. Monday morning I make my way to the restaurant, expecting my usual sumptuous breakfast. I am […]

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Finding The Right Star

Identifying knowledge and skill set of a candidate is rather easy. Finding the right mind-set is a more difficult task. Using a set of value and competency-based interview questions enables managers to spot the STAR, the person who does not only bring the required aptitude but also “fits” in the organisation.

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