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Managing Volunteers

Olympic Games are unthinkable without the invaluable support of thousands of volunteers. For most organising committees, this fact alone posts a major challenge in preparing and running the games since they often do not have experience in managing an army of unpaid workers. The always available IOC ‘cook book’ is not more than a good […]

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Recruiting the Right Mindset

There are several invaluable lessons learnt during the different phases of YOG. A significant task has been the recruitment, preparation and motivation of more than five hundred staff and of more than twenty thousand volunteers within a timeframe of less than two years. It is not new that recruiting people means evaluating, finding skills and […]

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Masterpiece of Organisational Design

Imagine you join a new kind of job in a different line of business you don’t have any experience in. Imagine your new colleagues are as novice as you are and all of you join at the same time. Imagine most of your trainers as well as your team leaders have never done this job […]

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