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Do You Have a Clear Line-of-Sight?

Building a dashboard is a project itself. The ongoing review and adjustment is as important as changing strategy or processes. Reading business indicators is a management task. Using dashboards combined with effective process management and improvement interventions ensures the organisation’s continuous renewal.

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Six Sigma In The Bloodstream

You will know when Six Sigma is finally part of your organisation’s bloodstream because it will no longer be necessary to talk about it. Six Sigma will be part of the culture. When done well, Six Sigma has the ability to create a truly customer focused workforce – and organisation. One that is profitable.

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What You Measure is What You Get

Developing a compelling vision and mission statement as well as a sound strategy is vital for any organisation. Equally important is the translation of the strategy into the day-to-day business. This step becomes even more critical for multi-national companies with their need for regional adaptation and alignment with corporate at the same time. So, how do we make sure […]

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Measure The Success of Your Journey – A Lean Six Sigma Meter

Some well-known companies have been “doing Six Sigma” for years. They keep doing improvement projects in all kinds of business and support processes, rolling it out in Sales and R&D. They are extending the application of Six Sigma to the entire value chain – suppliers and customers – in their drive for sustained performance improvement. […]

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Six Sigma in Financial Services

Background OurBank is an American international bank with 50 branches in Germany and approximately 300 employees working either in the headquarter office or in one of the branches. In 2003, the senior management of OurBank decided to adopt and implement Six Sigma as their business management tool across all business units in the Europe region. […]

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