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Dr Kaufmann holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering. He has more than twenty years of experience in implementing organisational improvements and changes in a wide range of industries. This includes private organisations such as Alstom, Aon, Armstrong, Bao Steel, Bosch, Bosch Siemens Home Appliances, Flextronics, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan, Schneider Electric, DB Schenker, Siemens, TCL, TRW, Wilmax Systems; as well as Public Service agencies such as ISCA, MSF, MFA, MinDef, MOF, MOH, MOM, MTI, IE Singapore, Muis and the Kingdom of Tonga. Dr Kaufmann is also a Six Sigma Master Black Belt. He has led a multitude of organisational development and business process improvement projects in several Government Agencies as well as MNCs. He coached teams on a wide range of projects including process design (Business Process Re-engineering, Design For Six Sigma), process improvement (Lean and Six Sigma), process management (Line of Sight). Dr Kaufmann has experience working with both private and public service organisations in developing & implementing competency frameworks. He led the design of COE’s Investing in People (iiP) system, which has successfully supported organisations such as Muis, ISCA and MSF in implementing a holistic competency-based human resource management Before founding COE Pte Ltd, Dr Kaufmann was with TUV Rheinland Group, General Electric, Rath & Strong and Aon. In TUV he has coached companies to improve their Management Systems. As a Quality Leader for General Electric Capital, he was responsible for helping GE to achieve annual bottom-line results. As a member of the business leadership team, he guided the development of customer and process oriented culture for GE. In 2003, Dr Kaufmann was appointed as Regional Director with Aon Asia, where he successfully expanded Aon’s focus beyond Insurance Broking to a variety of services including Lean Six Sigma, Change Management and Competency Development to increase customer satisfaction. Dr Kaufmann is a German national who speaks English and Russian. He is Permanent Resident of Singapore, with four children.

Do You Know About Your Moment of Truth?

The Moment of Truth is the short timeframe when a customer experiences the product or service that many people have often prepared over many months. It is the moment when a small, often unintentional mishap has the huge potential to spoil the result of hard work by others in the organisation behind the scenes.

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Continuously Innovating Highly Effective Processes

Just some weeks ago, I filed my tax in Singapore. It took me about twelve minutes at my computer at home on a Sunday afternoon in April. It was not straight forward, I needed to make some amendments and additional inputs to what IRAS had already prepared for me. Yet, it was really easy to […]

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Making Sense of Chi-Squared Test – Finding Differences in Proportions

The Chi-Squared test is used to check whether there is a significant difference between observed frequencies (discrete data) and expected frequencies for two or more groups (discrete data). For small sample sizes, Fisher’s Exact test is to be used instead. Both test are performed in a similar way. See for yourself.

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Making Sense of Test For Equal Variances

Three teams compete in our CHL business simulation. After completing Day One, it looks like the teams show a very different performance. Although the means look very similar, the variation is strikingly different. To test this assumption of different variation among the teams, the Test for Equal Variances is deployed.

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Ground Rules for Creativity Sessions

If you wish to engage in a fruitful workshop that leads to innovative ideas, you may wish to clarify some basic ground rules for creativity sessions. These ground rules have been adopted from the Creative Problem Solving toolbox by the International Center for Studies in Creativity. And, they have been proven essential through many creativity sessions.

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Cultivating an Improvement and Innovation Mindset

Not continuous improvement nor innovation have to start with massive initiatives. To the contrary, it needs to be part of the DNA of an organisation if you want to ensure that your aforementioned initiative is successful and lasting.

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Don’t Automate, Obliterate!

Only a small percentage of improvement during our business simulation is due to IT support. Most of it is a result of understanding the process and optimising the flow using good old BPR tools. However, with the availability of cloud-computing and apps for all nearly all tasks, we seem to have forgotten what matters.

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Recognising The Coach-able Moment

In a coaching or mentoring relationship, finding the right moment for performing the coaching is critical. Often, coaching attempts go wrong because the moment is just not right. But, how do you know whether it is a good time for coaching? Just ask yourself whether you have the right essentials for coaching someone.

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Revisiting Management by Walking About (MBWA)

Management by Walking About (MBWA) is a powerful way of measuring the pulse of your organisation. For a leader, this is probably the only way of getting first-hand information about what is going on on the ground. You will be surprised what you learn about your organisation.

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Strategic Workforce Planning

Strategic workforce planning is the process of matching workforce demand and supply over a foreseeable time period. Organisations conduct workforce planning that builds upon quantitative activities such as headcount planning and workforce analytics, and use these data as part of qualitative decisions to support and implement organisational strategies.

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