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Succession Planning: Is Your Organisation Ready For The Future?

Thinking ahead is a cardinal rule of business. In addition to monitoring the daily operations of your business, you need to think about the future. And, as difficult as it may be, it’s important to envision the day when you no longer will be in charge. For successful organisations faced with demanding leadership requirements in a changing and competitive business environment, a succession planning process may be the most important human resource management investment the company can make.
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  1. M K Liew says:

    I think the comment by Narendra is interesting .. BUT .. how to keep this secret? You need to “develop” this successor and by so doing, he knows that he is the “successor”

  2. Narendra Kumar Reddy says:

    Succession planning should be done in a manner where nobody else besides the manager knows. The trouble sometimes is that when a person knows that he will succeed, he tends to slack knowing that he/she will eventually helm the department or company the easy way up.
    This gives rise to staff jeolousy and unwanted office politics. A higher level of discreetness must be exercised in order to fulfill the needs of the company.

  3. M K Liew says:

    This topic on Succession Planning has always been on the table of HR folks for as long as I can remember .. some thirty years when I started my HR career .. it is still the “TOPIC OF THE DAY” …

    I think enough have been said on what Succession Plannin” is all about .. I suggest that we begin to analyse the root causes why SUCCESSION PLANNING has yet to be taken seriously by organisations .. worst still Succession Planning is now part of the broad “TALENT MANAGEMENT” .. is it to put it into a broader context or