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Customers are our Purpose (Offerings)

Dr Uwe H Kaufmann

“Listen to your Customers. If they stop giving feedback, you are either perfect or in serious trouble.” Uwe H Kaufmann

Often a short term approach and solution provides a panacea for perceived quick wins that fail to achieve the true potential of the organisation.
Organisations are facing multiple challenges in today’s business world, with a constant demand to deliver in an increasingly competitive environment.

COE assists our clients by providing deep fact-based advice and support through the critical stages of transitional life cycles, helping clients to build sustainable competitive advantage.

Strategy Consulting and Business Planning

  • We help executive teams assess and evolve their market and operations strategies.
  • We work with our clients to develop effective business plans which include scenario planning, innovation planning, financial planning, and improvement planning.
  • We work with our clients to evaluate strategic plan and strategic implementation (ie. Balanced Scorecard) and on-going integration of strategic plans with their day-to-day operations.

Innovation & Creativity

  • We develop Innovation capability for clients using the Buffalo Creative Problem Solving Framework (CPS)
Requirements for HR

Understanding your “Voice of the Customers” is Key to Delivering What They Need

  • We help clients to develop an innovation culture using COE’s Innovation Profiling Tool
  • We build leadership for effective management of innovation and creativity within organisations; help them understand the dynamics of leadership in creating a climate, culture & environment for the individual’s creativity and the creative process.

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

  • We assist our clients in capturing the requirements & feedback from their internal and external customers, and help develop initiatives to provide these customers with the best-in-class service/product quality, and convert these to target business needs.
  • We work with our clients in maintaining a proactive and innovative corporate mindset by helping them to quantify and deliver solutions to meet the changing requirements of their customers.