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Uwe H Kaufmann About Voice of the Customer (VOC)

“Listen to your Customers. If they stop giving feedback, you are either perfect or in serious trouble.” Uwe H Kaufmann

Organisations are facing multiple challenges in today’s business world, with a constant demand to deliver in an increasingly competitive environment. Understanding the voice of the customer (VOC) is a critical step and a foundation for all following activities. Mapping the service blueprint, the customer experience, serves as a basis for meaningful and effective process improvement and process innovation.

COE assists clients by providing deep fact-based advice and support through the critical stages of transitional life cycles, helping clients to build sustainable competitive advantage.

Voice of the Customer (VOC)

Listening to customers and capturing the true voice of the customer is a vital task for all organisations especially in today’s rapidly changing business environment with rapidly changing customer requirements. Therefore, we support our clients by

  • Capturing the requirements and feedback (proactive and reactive VOC) from their internal and external customers,
  • Revealing the truth behind the voice of the customer with statistical tools to prepare business decisions,
  • Developing initiatives to provide these customers with the best-in-class service/product quality,
  • Converting the requirements into business KPIs.

Strategy Consulting and Business Planning

After listening to customers, vendors, partners and employees, organisations may infuse the learnings into their strategy. Therefore, our solutions include

  • Helping executive teams assess and evolve their market and operations strategies,
  • Establishing the needed vision, mission and values to support the operations strategies,
  • Developing effective business plans which include scenario planning, innovation planning, financial planning, and improvement planning,
  • Evaluate strategic plan and strategic implementation (ie. Balanced Scorecard) and on-going integration of strategic plans with their day-to-day operations.
Data Analytics for Customer Satisfaction Data

Data Analytics for Customer Satisfaction Data

Data Analytics and Customer Satisfaction

Collecting and studying customer data, especially customer satisfaction data, needs proper planning, design, execution and analysis. Data analytics includes a series of methods and tools for this and other applications.

Designing a Service Blueprint

The service blueprint is a process map, similar to a deployment flow chart, that shows the process of service delivery from the perspective of the customer. Service blueprints usually include

Service Blueprint - Mapping the Customer Experience.

Mapping the Service Delivery – Service Blueprint

  • Customer touch points (moments of truth), process steps in which the customer experiences our service delivery,
  • Front-office activities are process steps, in which front-line employees create the moments of truth, the customer touch points, i.e. serving the customer at the counter,
  • Back-office activities are process steps, during which back-office staff support the moments of truth by non face-to-face activities, i.e. taking a customer call,
  • Support activities are process steps directly linked to front-office or back-office staff to enable the service delivery,
  • Goods or equipment – and its inventory – used by the customer or by the staff when creating the moment of truth experience.

Additionally, other elements might be included into the service blueprint. We customise service blueprints for and together with our clients for actual service delivery and, even more important, for the redesigned service delivery. In conclusion, a service blueprint is best drawn after a mystery shopping experience or a Gemba visit.