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Individual Innovation Potential

The Concept

This Innovation Readiness Survey measures the individual, leadership and work environmental factors that might stimulate or hinder innovative job performance in the organisation. It helps managers understand the employees’ strengths and support them in realising their innovation potential.

Individual Innovation Readiness

Individual Innovation Readiness

The term “readiness” refers to individuals’ feelings, beliefs, and intentions about potential change as well as the organisational capability and capacity of its successful implementation.

Individual innovation has been studied in terms of personality characteristics, outputs and behaviours. The individual readiness to innovation describes the extent to which individuals are inclined to accept, embrace and adopt a plan to purposefully alter the status quo, his/her psychological state and own sense of identity for job performance that facilitate or inhibit innovation. These drivers are:

  • Change Readiness
  • Individual Creativity
  • Psychological Capital

On the work environment side, we refer to a set of organisational variables which are crucial to create the drive and momentum for the innovation. These drivers are:

  • Support for Innovation
  • Leadership Practice (Transformational Leadership)

Our Offer

If you are interested in finding out the Individual or Group Innovation Readiness at your Organisation, please contact us at We will be able to provide more details about the survey topics, sample reports as well as ideas for interventions, should the need arise.

About the Survey

This survey is part of a research project with the University of Twente in the Netherlands. It is conducted using COE’s Investing in People (iiP) System. It includes information from the Multifactor Leadership Questionnaire and Psychological Capital Questionnaire from Mind Garden, Inc.

COE permit their clients to reproduce, distribute, amend and store this report for its internal and non-commercial use only. All other rights of COE are reserved.