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The Trusted Change Agents (Offerings)

Diana Yeo

“Human Capital is a valuable asset. Investing in people delivers long-term strategic results.” Diana Yeo

Our consultants bring a broad range of experiences, each of them emphasising a consistent, thoughtful approach to help clients to optimise their business performance by meeting their most critical needs around developing, managing, engaging and enabling their people.

We partner with our clients to engage and mobilise their human capital in achieving business performance and results. We help them build High-Performing Organisations.

Organisational Design And Development

  • We work in partnership with clients to diagnose & plan solutions that will address the organisational needs using COE’s Change Readiness Assessment Tool.
  • We build and enhance Change Management Capability in clients’ leadership teams
  • We help clients to determine Competency Models that are characteristics of high performance and success of an organisation .
  • We work with clients in Job Redesign to align strategy and values with roles and competencies after structure changes
  • We support clients in implementing Competency-based Learning & Development as well as Career Development frameworks

Professional Leasing

Professional Leasing provides a company with a flexible consulting engagement to delivering on a defined scope of work within an agreed working arrangement.  The advantage of this arrangement is the consulting experience, the range of consulting tools and aids for all kind of requirements that become available for the client through a part-time employee.

Professional Leasing provides an immediate high calibre solution to management or technical resource problems. For example, Professional Leasing professional is able to:

  • Provide an organisation with specialised skills that are only needed occasionally
  • Assist when management resources are stretched with seasonal workloads
  • Take on the role of catalyst, motivator or facilitator
  • Make an independent study or assessment of product, service division or subsidiary
  • Come in as a Project Manager on process review and improvement
  • Run divisions or subsidiaries that may require building up prior to divestment
  • Mould or warm up an acquisition to fit with the new corporate structure
  • Set up company systems and coach and train local successors to ‘take over’

The independence, flexibility and mobility of a Professional Leasing executive are vital elements in the achievement of corporate objectives. They are readily available in the following areas:

  • Human Resource Infrastructure Set-up, Policy Review and Training
  • General Management

HR Diagnosis, Strategy & Optimisation

Determines opportunity for improved performance and towards proactive partnership with business in driving business results. This includes the development of blueprint/visioning and the associated business case for change. Our solutions include:

  • We diagnose the state of HR infrastructure and HR practices within our clients’ organisation using our online tool HR PulseRate .
  • We collect the Voice of HR’s internal Customers (VOC) regarding importance and quality of HR’s service using our online tool HR VOC .
  • We help boosting the performance of HR processes using Lean HR a modern management tool set .

Integrated Talent Management

Integrated Talent Management is the collection of HR practices and processes an organisation deploys (eg. Recruitment, performance management, career development, succession planning, learning management, strategic workforce planning, transition) to effectively acquire, develop and retain high performing individuals. Our solutions include:

Moy Yin at RWS Performance Management Workshop

Moy Yin at Performance Management Workshop

  • We measure the state of our clients’ Talent Management process using our online tool Talent Pulse Rate .
  • We support our clients Talent Management process with our tool box Talent Management Navigator .
  • We provide a formalised system for Succession Planning that helps our clients to effectively plan and handle human capital’s growth and development.
  • We work with clients to retain and develop talent through our Mentoring Programme.
  • We provide Managers a strong grounding for deploying the coaching leadership style as a method that will develop human resources, skills and competencies as well as evoke excellence within organisations. Manager as Coach is using the GAINS Model to practice the skills of coaching, giving and receiving feedback.

Other Development Solutions

  • We help our clients assessing their leaders effectiveness using 360ELP, COE’s online 360 Effective Leader Profile.
  • We provide one-on-one Executive Coaching.
  • We support our clients designing and implementing effective Performance Management systems.