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Value Stream Mapping - A Powerful Tool to Identify Waste

“Processes are in the Centre of Value Creation. Make Sure They Add Value to your Customer.” Perry Tong

Processes are at the centre of value creation in your company, because they connect you with your customers and your suppliers. Hence, they build the foundation for all activities of your employees. Therefore, focussing on value-added steps is essential.

Since we know that changing the way work gets done has a profound impact on your organisation, our programmes equip you with the qualifications as well as the leadership, problem-solving and people management skills to bring your targeted results to fruition.

Consequently, we apply state-of-the-art approaches, like Lean Six Sigma to improve the value creation of existing processes or design new ones to deliver measurable results. By injecting Innovation Techniques into these approaches we ensure thinking out-of-the-box when developing solutions.

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement (DMAIC)

The Lean Six Sigma Methodology is well recognised all over the world in all industries to boost productivity, close performance gaps and develop talent. Hence, our Lean Six Sigma training helps build capabilities in this important methodology. We help clients:

  • Planning Lean Six Sigma Deployments,
  • Training Black Belts, Green Belts and Master Black Belts,
  • Informing and coaching Champions and building awareness,
  • Upgrading Champions to Executive Green Belts,
  • “Lean” their processes by reducing waste and increasing the percentage of value-added steps,
  • Translating requirements of their customers into product and process specifications (VOC Workshop and QFD Workshop),
  • Designing new products and services as well as support their processes,
  • Applying cutting-edge Innovation Techniques in new product/service and process design approaches to combine creativity with practicality.

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Process Excellence and Data Analytics

One of the strengths of Lean Six Sigma is its powerful data analytics toolbox. Data analytics can be helpful in many situations of graphical and statistical analysis of data. Therefore, a huge variety of tools is available for data analytics tasks. Hence, data analytics aids to decide about the tools to use depending on the data at hand. And, it helps in applying the tools and interpreting the results.

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Innovation and Creativity

Whenever improvement and change is required, creativity and Innovation come into play. Especially, in today’s fast changing environment, incremental improvements are only good for catching up with the competition and the market. They almost never give an advantage. Therefore, we support clients by:

  • Measuring the individual innovation readiness within their organisation,
  • Developing an innovation strategy for instilling and implementing a innovation mindset using the Buffalo Creative Problem Solving (CPS) or Design Thinking Framework,
  • Building leadership for effective management of innovation and creativity within organisations; help them understand the dynamics of leadership in creating a climate, culture & environment for the individual’s creativity and the creative process.

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Total Working Capital (TWC)

Total working capital is always a consideration for improving cash-flow and balance sheet for any organisation. Therefore, our offerings to clients include:

  • Total Working Capital Diagnosis to identify cash in your company. Take the Snapshot.
  • Introducing Leadership Teams to the concept of TWC,
  • Analysing processes and draft a concept for improving the TWC situation,
  • Transforming concepts to solutions and implement them until cash flow has improved,
  • Training managers and staff in order to sustain process performance to deliver results,
  • Developing dashboards and data analytics to monitor the TWC situation continuously.

Other Services

Not every problem needs Lean Six Sigma to be solved. Hence, our clients may benefit from:

  • Alternative process improvement approaches like PSDM,
  • Rapid Improvement methodology SPARK,
  • Project Management with Training and Coaching,
  • Design of Experiments (DOE) to for R&D Teams,
  • Our powerful Quality Function Deployment (QFD) approach.

We offer Coaching and Implementation, Training and Certification.