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Innovation and Productivity

Our innovation and productivity workshop focuses on all staff who are involved in creative problem solving at the workplace. This workshop usually takes two days and can be tailored for different requirements.

From Process Analysis to Innovative Problem Solving

From Process Analysis to Innovative Problem Solving

Innovation and Productivity – Objectives

After this workshop, participants will be able to

  1. Appreciate the power of creative problem solving phases and tools,
  2. Use a set of Creative Problem Solving and Design Thinking tools to streamline work processes,
  3. Proactively look out for innovative ways to enhance work effectiveness and increase productivity.
Creative Problem Solving Steps used for Innovation and Productivity

Creative Problem Solving Steps and Toolbox

This workshop is based on the principles of Creative Problem Solving (CPS) by Buffalo State University, New York with injections of selected Design Thinking elements and Lean Six Sigma principles. Voice of the Customer (VOC) tools out of Lean Six Sigma help understanding customer needs and translate them into process indicators. Value Stream Mapping (VSM) tools from the same toolbox serve as effective means to establish a detailed view on the process with its weaknesses. After these weaknesses are detected, creativity tools are put to work to search for out-of-the-box solutions.

Workshop Outline - Innovation and Productivity

Workshop Outline – Innovation and Productivity

Innovation and Productivity – Design

Day 1 of our workshop is structured around our process simulation that gives participants a safe environment to try out. This team based simulation involves playing the roles of a virtual company and their customers. All above mentioned steps and many tools are applied on the simulated process. This simulation is usually structured as a competition between two teams.

Day 2 of this workshop is designed to take the learnings of day 1 and let the participants apply tools and approach on their own process. At the end of the day, valuable solution ideas for participants’ processes are on the table and ready to be presented to their manager.

For supervisors, managers and leaders, we recommend a slightly different approach. Read more…