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How is your Organisation?

This picture speaks a thousand words. Many a times, employees and staff in organisations bear an uncanny resemblance to the people on this particular boat. Everyone thinks of only himself and is concerned about his own salvation, at the expense of the organisation. For those who can relate to this picture, have we ever stopped to ask ourselves why this is so?

Unknown Source

Unknown Source

Every behavior is merely a function of external driving influence and one’s own motivation.

We should take a moment to comprehend the true meaning of this sentence. If one is not motivated to behave a certain way, it is more likely due to one’s own state of mind than external driving factors. The best incentives cannot overcome a lack of intrinsic motivation.

Managers often wonder why individualistic behavior exists in an organisation. Why are employees individually building his own boat through materials collected from demolition of organisation boat? It will not take long to build a new small boat, and everyone will take care of their own boat and suddenly, you will notice that the original bigger and sturdier organisational boat is gone.

Employee engagement would appear to be a step in the right direction to solving this predicament. If an organisation does not involve and engage its employees in various activities by taking into consideration the importance of confidentiality, does not share information and does not empower its employees, low employee commitment and satisfaction would be the result.

If employees’ needs are not met, there would be a stronger focus, by that employee, on personal intentions rather than organisational objectives and the individual would concentrate on building his own, leading to the sinking of the organisation one.

This article simply expresses concepts such as empathy, organisational membership, employee engagement and commitment and other cases which organisations are seeking for.

How is your organisation? How do you bring across the message to all colleagues that you are all actually in the same boat?

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  1. UK says:

    Following my experience, the most important factor that makes employees engaged or detached, motivated or frustrated is the manager. I have seen many organisations. In most of them, some employees are aligned with the organisation and some are not. This is because they have different managers.
    I would always assume, all staff was once motivated to join the boat before they were driven out of this state – mostly by human beings, not by circumstances or processes etc.
    The most important factor seems to be the manager.