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About Us

The Centre For Organisational Effectiveness (COE) was established with the vision of helping to develop high performing organisations. We support organisations to improve their effectiveness by:

Our dynamic approach builds the right combination of Customers, Operations and Enablers to deliver measurable results for both business and employees.

Singapore Business Review about COE

Singapore Business Review about COE

To determine what business results are most meaningful, we help clients formulate and implement business strategies. To achieve business results, we help clients change the way work gets done by drawing on our process excellence experience and coupling that with industry-specific and the specialised knowledge of our consultants. To ensure the results achieved are sustainable, we work together with you to build capability to manage change and continuously improve, enabling employees to develop and realise more of their full potential.

As practice partners, we help clients achieve specific measurable results while ensuring that you “are in the driver’s seat” and acquire in working with us, skills that strengthen both individuals and the organisation as a whole.

Business and Markets

COE is uniquely placed in the industry, offering a complete consultancy service package with a comprehensive portfolio of services focused on enhancing your organisational value.

COE is awarded the Award "Exemplary HR & Management Consultancy Service Provider"

COE is honoured with the Award “Exemplary HR & Management Consultancy Service Provider”

Our approach centres on creating an environment for change, equipping your talent with the necessary competencies and matching the change objectives to be in line with both internal and industry demands. COE has a natural market presence that is not matched by other service providers.

COE’s distinguishing trademark is its emphasis on delivering a customised solution focused on your intended business objectives, to improve their effectiveness and performance sustainability.

Our Key Values include measurable and lasting improvement, continuous knowledge transfer, the development of long term business relationships, the creation of learning networks, and a strong commitment to business ethics.

Our Focus and Diverse Experience base is often more fundamental in the transaction context, and ensures we can provide targeted, independent and specialised insights to enable the achievement of key objectives throughout the organisation, which lead to sustainable improvement for our clients.

COE Celebrating the SHRI Award with Clients, Partners and Friends

COE Celebrating the SHRI Award with Clients, Partners and Friends

Our Support is provided in partnership with service offerings to emphasise business key decisional support, while services are provided in our specialised areas with deep operational and business knowledge such as commercial, supply chain and human capital. This integrated approach, combined with a depth of client and sector knowledge, ensures that we deliver valuable insights across the organisational growth life cycle and enables our clients to have the maximum edge when planning and executing key initiatives.

What Makes COE Different

Our Approach

As such COE is uniquely positioned to capitalizing on our distinctive strengths, to bring “hands-on” experience to assist as a partner complement your effort to improve your effectiveness by:

  • Focusing on delivering results
  • Bringing experiential learning to demonstrate and achieve buy-in
  • Harnessing in-house latent talents and assisting to accomplish their objectives

Offering expertise both in hard and soft skills to cater any potential challenges supports your orgainsation’s effectiveness, strategy and implementation by focusing on a tried and proven approach that has made COE and our clients successful:

Learning As You Do – Learning Simulations and Games

CHL Learning Simulation

Some of our workshops and courses are organised around the fictitious company CHL. Playing different roles as customers and staff of CHL supports the Learning Effect as well as leaves lasting Impressions.

Trainees learn best through hands-on experiences. Embarking on modern Process Excellence or People Excellence concepts can be a very overwhelming subject, with unfamiliar mathematical formulas and strange terms. This is why all of our programs offered are designed around a core learning simulation, which gives the opportunity not just to learn tools and methodology but also to create an environment to explore what best suits your company and how to get the best benefits out of the efforts.

As a core learning tool, we use a simulated company and have our participants work on the company’s core processes towards their business objectives. Our Learning Simulation is a team based real time “game”. Participants play out the management and operational roles within the simulated company and – in the process – learn how to apply tools, be it Six Sigma, Lean, Innovation or Strategy Deployment. This is a fun filled and interactive learning experience. This learning simulation is designed to achieve breakthrough understanding of the tools taught.

This form of experiential learning is available in most programmes we offer.

Outcome Focussed

COE Engages Clients in a Fun Way

Our Work with Clients is Fun – For them and for us

Our client’s confidence in COE is well placed. We serve our clients to achieve their aspiration in using proven methodologies such as Six Sigma, Lean or Innovation, not as a training endeavor but as an instrument to implement and effect cultural change with tangible business results. From a consultancy perspective, COE have been assisting many organisations with similar aspiration. Consequently, bringing the participants together allows for cross learning and will certainly go beyond workshop sessions as the desire to share experiences to harmonize common challenge is of priority to gain understanding and more importantly an alignment to business needs.

Results Promised

We work in partnership with our clients and see our projects through to delivering results. Therefore, our compensation for selected projects is based on a success fee pegged to agreed deliverables. We share risks and rewards with our clients.

People Centred

We know that changing the way work gets done has a profound impact on the organization and its people. The way work is organized and people behave are two sides of the same coin. We use our ability to address both the process and people aspects of process improvement to achieve dramatic improvements in performance and climate.

They (COE) were not only keen listeners, but excellent implementers. They went to the extend of hand holding our participants and walking the warehouse operations to aid them through the complexity of the projects.
Vice President, Schenker Singapore

Partner Minded

For the initial phase of our client engagements COE provides the necessary coaching – the “hand-holding” – for your newly trained management team or staff. Objectives of coaching are in particular:

  • To help drive initial projects to success and get buy-in for the next.
  • To train and coach internal coaches and achieve your self-sufficiency.
  • To ensure that the timing and financial impact of the initial projects are not sacrificed as your talents move up the learning curve.

If you feel you wish to be part of a dynamic team to help us solve our clients issues, contact us.